PDU Categories and Limits

There are six professional development unit (PDU) categories:

A)  Courses offered by PMI's R.E.P.s or Chapters and Communities
B)  Continuing Education
C)  Self-Directed Learning
D)  Creating New Project Management Knowledge
E)  Volunteer Service
F)  Work as a Practitioner

To obtain more information about these PDU categories and their associated limits log on to the www.pmi.org website. Hold your mouse/cursor over Certification in the top menu bar.  It opens a drop down menu.  Select Maintain Your Certification:  Earn and Report PDUs. 

Click on the blue box Report PDUs Note:  You must be logged on to do this.  This should tell you how many PDUs you already have and how many you still need.

Open the link to Print PDU Category Limits in the light blue text near the middle of the screen. 

You may also view this document by clicking here.


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