POY Competition

The Columbia River Basin Chapter of the Project Mananagement Institute (PMI) is pleased to announce the 2021 Project of the Year Competition and Awards Gala, which will culminate with the virtual awards gala to take place on April 2, 2021.

The award is intended to recognize, honor and publicize project teams for superior performance and execution of exemplary project management for projects completed within the last 18 months.  General criteria for POY nomination proposals include: 

    1. Met or exceeded owner/client needs 
    2. Met or improved on budget and schedule performance compared with original goal 
    3. Application of innovative, original or unique project management techniques 
    4. Effective management of complex or unusual conditions or issues 
    5. There can be no restrictions on the use of the submitted information after the final date of submission 
    6. Projects of any size, industry type and location within the Columbia River Basin region (zip codes 988XX, 989XX, 993XX) are encouraged and eligible to participate.  PMI affiliation is not necessary.

Project of the Year Benefits and Resources

    1. Coaching available for preparation of nomination proposals
    2. Newspaper advertisement with winners
    3. Feedback provided on all submitted proposals
    4. Opportunity to showcase your project and your company
    5. All selected projects will present their proposal and a winning project will be announced at the CRBC Project of the Year Awards Gala 
    6. A People's Choice Award will be voted on by ballot and announced on the night of the Awards Gala. 
    7. 2012 Winner went on to win the Global PMI Project of the Year Award
    8. 2015 Winner was a Finalist in the Global PMI Project of the Year Award
    9. 2017 Winner went on to win 1 of 3  Global PMI Project of Excellence Awards
    10. 2017 Finalist went on to win the Global PMI Project of the Year Award

Organizations from the Columbia River Basin region must submit nomination proposals by midnight  March 5, 2021.  Proposals must be in electronic files (native Word preferred) and submitted to Alex Pappas at [email protected]

For instructions and requirements, please go to the Criteria and Application menu item under "Project of the Year" on the Home Page.

NOTE:  There is no dollar minimum for the CRBC POY award competition but if you plan to submit a project for the PMI Global Project of the Year Award, you must satisfy all of the global award submission guidelines.

Evaluations will be conducted by the Chapter.  For more information, please contact:

Alex Pappas, PMP
[email protected]