Criteria and Application

Thank you for considering an entry into the Columbia River Basin Chapter Project of the Year Award Competition.  Below is the criteria for your nomination. 

The following documents must be submitted as electronic files (native MS Word preferred) to Peter Owen at by midnight on February 8, 2019.

  • Project Submission (see below for details)

  • PMI Professional Awards Program Permissions and Release Form - Click Here


Click Here for the Project Submission Application Template (see note below).  All applications to the Columbia River Basin Chapter Project of the Year must use template. 

NOTE.  This template is only for use for the PMI Columbia River Basin Chapter Project of the Year Competition.  The information requested largely reflects what is required for the PMI Project of the Year Award and PMI Project of Excellence Award application process, which is accomplished online via the PMI website.  Details of the PMI awards and how to apply may be found at

For the Award Gala, the applicants will also be required to provide presentations to the audience, which summarize the key points of their projects.  You should plan for a 10 minute duration and note that as well as an opportunity to showcase your projects to the audience, it will also provide the audience with an opportunity to vote on the "People's Choice Award".  The presentations will be collated by Ivan Thomas ahead of the Awards Gala and should be submitted electronically (send both the MS Powerpoint file and a PDF version) to Ivan at by February 20, 2019.  Applicants are free to use their own template for the presentation and Arial font, with a minumum font size of 28, is highly recommended.

Please note - There is no dollar minimum for the Columbia River Basin Chapter Project of the Year Award or the Global Project of Excellence Award.  However, if you plan to submit a project for the PMI Global Project of the Award, you must satisfy all of the global award submission guidelines - Click Here.  You are also required to complete a PMI Global Project of the Year Application Form, which is completed online on the PMI website Click Here.