VP of Membership

Kabrena Rodda

Dr. Kabrena Rodda is the VP for Membership and has worked as a Technology and Policy Integration Specialist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory since September 2014. She is a PMP with 24 years’ experience performing and managing basic and applied research and directing the transition of R&D technology into operational use in national security missions. Since her arrival at the lab, her duties have focused on strategic planning, early integration of user requirements into R&D projects, and translation of policy imperatives into tangible user requirements that drive achievable transitions to operational use.

 Prior to her retirement as an Air Force Colonel in September 2014, Dr. Rodda served as a chemical research officer in various capacities, including nine years with the intelligence community, two deployments to Iraq, teaching at the US Air Force Academy (USAFA), and consulting for Australian government officials on chemical disaster response in support of the Sydney Olympics. Dr. Rodda is the primary author on multiple platform presentations and peer-reviewed publications, including a recent chapter on the role of intent in nonproliferation and disarmament policy and a book-length paper promoting the establishment of a US national security strategy to grapple with the still-unregulated global novel psychoactive drug trade. She earned a PhD (Med) in Forensic Toxicology from Monash University in Australia in 2002; MS degrees in National Security Strategy from National War College in 2012, Analytical Chemistry from the University of Washington in 1996, and Project and Systems Management from Golden Gate University in 1995; and a BS in chemistry from USAFA. Dr. Rodda is married to Mr. Daniel J. Curran and is stepmom to Mr. Dylan T. Curran.