POY Committee & Contact Info

The Columbia River Basin Chapter would like to thank the 2019 Project of the Year Team for their commitment and passion for the success of this event.

Ivan Thomas - Project Manager, Nominations, Gala Event Support, and Sponsorship

Contact Information:  [email protected] or call 509.420.3941

Rachel Thompson - Gala Event Logistics, Nominations

Lisa Rosenblum - Nominations, Gala Event Support, and Marketing

Steve Norton - Nominations, Nomination Coach, and Gala Event Support

Contact Information: [email protected] or call 509.430.1690

Adria Johnson - Gala Event Support and Trophies

Tonya Hubbell - Gala Event Support, Raffle Organizer, and Sponsorship

Pete Owen - Nominations, Gala Event Support, and Evaluation Board Coordination

Contact Information: [email protected] or call 509.531.1662