VP of Marketing and Public Relations

Lisa Rosenblum

Lisa Rosenblum currently holds the VP-Marketing & Public Relations board position for the PMI Columbia River Basin Chapter.  Her main focus coming into the position was to create a strong branding statement for the chapter.   A consistent and recognizable statement that could be spread across all forms of promoting and advertising materials.  She developed a marketing plan that not only aligned with chapters financial plan, but also increased the relationship between the local chapter and the public/private sectors in our local community.  Another big focus of Lisa’s was creating an outstanding and memorable Project of the Year Event.  A competition that would honor and celebrate our local companies, and their project teams, for exemplary project management.

 Lisa’s past history includes over 25 years of experience that spreads across the entire supply chain process including communications/marketing, design/development, manufacturing/production, purchasing and general project management.  Her design degree enabled her to work for 15 years in the garment industry for companies such as Byer California, Gymboree, and Nike.  Working with Nike, she had the opportunity to travel all over Asia including Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand while contributing to pricing negotiations, work package development/approval, and research/development.  Currently, Lisa directsSystems & Communications for the Project Management Office at Washington River Protection Solutions.